Reblog – Believe by John Coyote

Feeling a bit transported with this song and these words, very uplifting. Thanks, John! As always, the romance in this piece is wonderful to immerse myself in! 🙂 Enjoy everyone!



Write on my bare skin, my dear poet, she whispered.
Allow your hands to make me feel like a masterpiece.
Show me, please make me believe.


I am the only one.
Please love me wrong, love me right.
Please whisper pretty words,
true or lies.
Promise me everything,
promise me nothing.

Make my brown eyes come alive with hope,
made my skin burn with desire.
dear poet,
let’s make this night perfect.
Paint a painting of a love,
that was sweet and attempted.


Let’s trick the gods,
show them.
You and I had found the utopia of the kiss,
the embrace.

Dancing Coyote

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