P.J. Reed

The Wedding Dress

fuzzy empty clouds
dandelion skeletons
of half-blown wishes

and breezes blow
grey flowers sway underfoot
cow parsley shadows

trickling storm streams
carry specks of stolen light
into sunless earth


soft leaves are bouncing
stems sway with flutters of green
swollen raindrops fall


dipolar sunshine
lane lies clothed in lace shadows
footsteps of light and shade


sea thistle towers
bees bumble through barbed flowers
wearing pollen shoes


P.J. Reed is an award-winning, multi-genre author with books ranging from high fantasy, horror, to haiku. She writes the Richard Radcliffe Paranormal Investigations series and the Bad Decisions series. Reed lives in Devon, England with her two daughters, two rescue dogs, and one feral cat called Sammy.

For more information visit: PJ Reed Writing


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17 thoughts on “P.J. Reed

  1. Tried to use your contact page but it did not seem to end in a message page or contact email.
    Thought since you love Haiku you might also find yourself seduced by Elfchens too??? Try some, you may love them!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So beautiful and masterfully penned!! Especially loved your line “dandelion skeletons of half-blown wishes” – perfect photo too!! This is such a great seed of inspiration!!! Mmm! It makes me curious?? Half-blown wishes??? Would love an explanation of that? So, is that wishes that were only half baked, half wanted or worked toward and thus not sincere? Maybe the photo is throwing me off because it is a “complete” skeleton with all the dandelion wishes/seeds gone? Ha! Don’t mind me!!
    Oh, loved the title of your series – “Bad Decisions” – Wow! Could write a whole series of poems with that title (from life experiences)!!! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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