Bridge To The Stars – Part 4

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The pinging sound was almost rhythmic, seemingly waiting for an answer. But the crew were not sure how to respond. They needed a better understanding of what they were dealing with. Jeff and Sue were concerned, Jennifer, not so much.

“I don’t think this is something creepy,” said Jennifer in response to Jeff’s inquiry. “Why would you immediately go there?”

“Because it’s not something you would normally hear out in space!” he responded very quickly.

“We both know that strange things happen here because things are different from Earth, but they don’t always equate to being truly strange or unexplainable,” Jennifer responded. Jeff thought she perhaps sounded like the most level-headed of the bunch as he and Sue were just about to go ballistic with their assumptions.

“But maybe it’s unusual enough that we should make Victoria or Kendra aware of what is going on, or? At the very least, we should let Kendra know what we are dealing with something out of the norm if we don’t want to alert Victoria yet?” Sue said, looking to Kendra and Jeff for some guidance.

“I agree,” Jeff echoed Sue’s sentiments. “I think we need to let either one of them know immediately what we have experienced! This and any expedition is important, and any detail of it needs to be shared! If we don’t want to drag Victoria into this, at the very least, we should inform Kendra.”

“But it’s stopped,” said Jennifer. She looked at everyone earnestly, almost beckoning that they stop getting excited about it. “Do any of you still hear any pinging?”

Sue and Jeff strained to hear anything out of the ordinary, but nothing presented itself. They looked at Jennifer, and then, one after the other, each resigned to keep their mouths quiet for the time being. They reasoned to themselves it was probably errant pieces of space particles that had hit the ship—nothing out of the ordinary.

After they each decided to keep their opinions to themselves, they resumed their tasks for the day. After that, nothing out of the ordinary occurred again. Either that day or in the next week to give them any sense to be alarmed. Their experience was forgotten. At least for the moment.


February 5, 2021 – International Space Station 9 PM, UTC

Victoria heard a strange pinging sound on the metal exterior of her cabin. WTH? Kendra heard it too, but the rest of the crew was asleep, seemingly not aware of it.

Kendra moved towards the central capsule, trying to determine where the sound was originating. Victoria met her halfway there.

“I guess you heard the pinging sound too?” Victoria asked Kendra.

“Yeah, kinda odd since I’ve not ever heard it before,” Kendra replied. “You and I’ve had never encountered this on our previous two expeditions. Do you think it’s strange?”

“It might be, but you never know what it could be,” said Kendra, looking just a tiny bit concerned.

“My first thought, could it be larger particles of space debris slamming into the station?”

Victoria looked at Kendra to acknowledge her thoughts, but the feeling she transmitted was a lot stronger than a little bit of concern.


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