Images courtesy of Terry Susi

at times nature is cruel
maintaining a life
becomes desperate attempts
at losing the fight

to the victor go the spoils
sustenance or power taken
sometimes both
rewards taken by force

because kill or be killed
rules the animal kingdom
driven by instinct
to win the battle at all costs

…i’m glad i’m not a savage

5 thoughts on “Savage

  1. Consuming/ overpowering/dominating happens in the so called sophisticated human beings as well.. savageness in mind is more deadly than the animal kingdom.. mental savageness kills the soul and disturbs even the near and dear ones causing greater damage. Just a counter thought.. the piece you have written is excellent and yes completely agree that we are lucky to have escaped might is right jungles and avoid getting eaten violently.. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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