… It’s A Comin’!

The decision to start the 5 Day Tales series came about because I needed to stretch my writing skills. It has been fun, and I’ve enjoyed feeling way more creative. However, I ended up feeling like I was stretching myself too thin with the amount of time it was taking to present a fresh new story every week. It became too much.

My main goal is to still be able to commit to writing poetry, submit to competitions, run The Short of It, do some paid type work and possibly get a third book out of me. Still juggling everything has to fit into my schedule.

Having the weekend to mull it all over, I decided I will proceed with the 5 Day Tales. For those of you who took the time to comment and tell me your thoughts – I thank you kindly! You helped me decide what was best for me and my schedule. I took everything you said to heart. Hopefully, you’ll be okay with how I’ve decided to proceed.

So, here’s what’s going to happen…

The next story will be published 8/10/20 and run that Monday thru Thursday, with the voting still on the 4th part. Fridays, I will post the reader’s ending selection. The only change will be that it will become a monthly feature rather than a weekly one. You can anticipate each story published on the first Monday of every month starting this September and run until I don’t have anymore ideas or the desire.

*SPOILER ALERT – the next 5 Days Tale will be a space/sci-fi story.

Image Credit – pxhere.com

14 thoughts on “… It’s A Comin’!

  1. I am glad you are continuing your 5 Days Tale series because I enjoy it. I understand about spreading oneself too thin. I have another book of poems just waiting to be finished but I can’t seem to get to it. My weekly prompt is growing (yay) and with Go Dog Go Cafe and other challenges, I stay busy. Oh, and then there is life outside of blogging! πŸ€ͺ

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