Reblog – Jojo Al-Waealy

I recently read these gems, very touching and heart-felt. This poem (published over three days) expresses well the emotions dealt with at the end of relationships. Might evoke some tears for those who can relate; you’ve been warned.


Part 1 – ‘PLEA,

In silence I hear your voice cracking,
You whisper your final wish;
“You and I are lacking.”
So simple it was for you to say.
Beyond my mind,
beyond my soul,
I was lost for you not to stay.
you said; “You knew it would happen one day”.
The burden I felt streaming through my vein,
the voice I lost in my pain,
the wish I never had imagined in my brain,
The waves were still and waiting for their remain.
Silence is what kept us wondering,
to wonder; “I Was not afraid to ask!”
To tell; You did with no mask.



To tell; You did with no mask.
Face to eye,
body to linger,
We grasp like there is no tomorrow.
For there shall be a next sorrow.
you said; “I’m sorry, but I have to.”
We were in a flow,
but you had to grow,
beyond your dreams you stayed,
but in pain we weren’t made.
You had to grow,
we weren’t in a flow,
….. anymore. You said your goodbye,
“You had me at hello.”
while we both disappeared into the blue sky.
Desire of the best,
you remained you


Part 3 – ‘MIRABILIA,

Whose Liability was caught by atmospheric beauty.
At the end of light, in the beginning of time,
I rise with thou gazing moon to seek for wolfs cry.
By dint of howl I reckon my faults eye;
“Thereby I fought/ I arise/ I wander
from misery
to impasse
ending sky.”
To clamber through life in gallivant of night,
A butterfly of dawn,
nor battles cry,
I Amplify my music of spheres through, but why?
To ask, but not to answer.
To seek, but not to find.
To touch, but not to feel.
“To not deny the truth from my goodbye.”

13 thoughts on “Reblog – Jojo Al-Waealy

  1. Susi, thank you so much for sharing my work. This is the biggest surprise I ever had. I’m so glad you loved my work so much that you thought it was worthy enough to share!! ❤️❤️❤️ You are so amazing, can’t be thankful enough! You have surprised me so much❤️❤️❤️ Amazing soul and blessed by you!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️😊😊😊 CAN’T be thankful enough!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg, thank you so much for sharing my work. It means a lot to me ❤️ Blessed by your thoughts and amazing soul. I’m glad you like it so much that you thought it was worthy enough to share on your personal blog! Amazing surprised 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ thank you once again!!

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