Readers! I need your input!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will take a break from the 5 Day Tales this upcoming Monday as I have another project which will require my attention next week. But this might be a good time to ask you for some valuable feedback about the stories.

Please let me know the following in the comments section:

Do you find the stories interesting enough to keep your attention?

Am I giving you a wide variety of story lines to keep you invested?

We only have a few people who consistently vote on the story ending, I’m wondering if you would prefer that I just have the ending in mind or would you like to continue with picking the ending?

I realize that so many of my readers also ingest a lot of other writing, do you think it would be better to do this every other week? *I’m selfishly asking because I may have change to every other week due to my own reading habits! ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with another story August 10th. ๐Ÿ™‚

25 thoughts on “Readers! I need your input!

  1. I will add: โ€œDepletion indicates misspent efforts.โ€ ~ XV The Devil in โ€œTarot in the Land of Mystereum.โ€œ โ€” not Satan kind of Devil. More a Goat deity like Pan.
    May I suggest that if or when you begin to feel depletion, to check for the screw or nail in whichever Tire of You is starting to deflate Due to overwork… and, patch โ€˜er up and re-balance?

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  2. I respect you going to every other week. Back in 2012 I started having a Tarotscopes theme that would often take me the whole weekend to write up, and then and then until I had a blog theme for every day and BOOM went the top of the volcano in 2014. Just one themed day is a lot, and I wholeheartedly say go with your got with your life your way your blog your way. I appreciate that you would reach out to engage, and as well I would like to go back to your life your way your blog your way, no commas… and add the commas back in… I wouldnโ€™t want the heart of the quality of your stunning and sing-the-body-electric work to start to diminish by you more dialing into deadlines and schedule more than dialing into your work and what it feels to need from your perspective each time.

    When you post, you do. The above is currently why I currently only have ONE weekly theme, my โ€œSerendipity Itineraries.โ€ It becomes my Rock of Gibraltar that IS a hard deadline for Friday release each week, a great pivot point and cornerstone to brace against. And, then it stands strong on its own as a community confluence point while I allow the dynamism and serendipity of the process to fill in blogs only as I do across the week between S.I… and give me time to explore blogs to feed Serendipity Itineraries… which was initially to be my โ€œbook reportโ€ of my weekly blog field trips, though it evolved the 2nd week to, โ€œNOPE. Not going to delete any of these. Grow it. Grow it as a community-building tool and resource for people to engage and connect with others who they might otherwise not find.โ€

    Go You, Susi, and do it your way… Because, I believe you are aware how good you are, and at one and the same time, that may bring a bright-eyed smile, though with ZERO hubris, as you lovingly dial in and turn back to your work? I often wonder if there will ever be a way to increase the font size only on the ! After a resounding YES on your posts.

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  3. Out of the various things you blog about, this has not been one of my favorites–maybe because they are longer and require a multi-day commitment. Normally I wouldn’t complain, and I’m justifying it that you did ask for feedback. Do what works for you and most of your readers. Opinions are like orifices, we all have them.

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    1. I totally understand. It’s not everyone’s bag and shouldn’t be! We all have preferences and I wouldn’t dream of calling your comments a complaint! Thanks for your input. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. The thing that keeps me engaged is the depth of the characters. I enjoy the voting process but ultimately it is up to you as the author to make the final decision. Personally when I was doing serials, I would post a chapter/episode once a week. That allowed me the time to do other things and not to overwhelm my blog with one topic… If you need to change the frequency – do what feels right for you! Don’t be a slave to the internet!!

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  5. I look forward to your stories. I understand about every other week. Since I get email prompts I’ll check them out. I love the variety. And it’s fun to vote the endings but I’m curious as to what you would otherwise use.

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