3025 – Part 2

Part 1

Genetics had melded all physical features of human population by 3025 so that all people had brown hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. There wasn’t much to set them apart in this world anymore. The biological sex of an individual only determined whether they would be able to breed, not specify how or as what they identified. The great debates regarding sex and gender identity of the 21st century no longer existed. Their names identified them; their predilections determined their sexual preferences, and their clothing and accessories indicated their style.

In every country, life on Earth had become a place where everyone’s desire for how to live their lives was taken into consideration. An individual’s freedom of expression and consent were considered essential for happiness—it certainly was not a unique idea for existing, but actually enjoying this type of life, one long overdue. The establishment of true liberty for humans was a turning point for creating this utopia.

Before the Great Awokening of 2085, some, if not most, sexual acts were considered deviant in some people’s eyes. Especially if participated in outside of marriage or if engaging in anything more performance challenging than the missionary position. Our world went from bland to fun and exciting. Today, no sexual preference is taboo as all are accepted, with no one shamed for their choices. Live and let live – indeed, became the standard of living.

Also, having sex – a lot, some or none at all – was considered a right. When to have it, how and where was at the discretion of the person or persons involved. Gratifying sexual urges or deciding to have and raise children required all parties’ consent 100% of the time. No one’s morals or ethics were to be questioned, as there was no need. You could let it all hang out or keep yourself discreetly tucked in. No one cared as long as their needs got met. Everyone now lived by this code of conduct, which held each individual’s preference in high regard. 

Since the ethics of consent bound the world’s individuals to this liberty principle, rape and assault were eradicated, and the world became a safer place. Women, especially, could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

No one would dare change this way of life because it brought about the peace and harmony of co-existence that humans have wanted since the beginning of time. Our world was proud to have finally instituted these tenets. Any deviation away from this existence, well that was considered kinky, and more importantly, just wrong. Not one person wanted to lose the freedoms they had gained. It was a long, hard struggle to get where we have ended up. There could be no turning back.

What started in the year 2085 took almost 1000 years to come to fruition, but it was worth getting there. Earth had become a paradise, and all the creatures, great and small, honestly had it all.

It’s a fantastic world in 3025.


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