3025 – Part 1

It had become a homogenized world, even androgynous and somewhat dull, but thankfully individuals had found a way to present themselves as unique. Otherwise, how would the human species continue in a world where we no longer socialized or procreated in the traditional sense?

Romance in 3025 wasn’t the typical ‘boy-meets-girl’ scenario; instead, it was more of a ‘human-meets-human’ interaction. Sex wasn’t called sex rather a fulfillment of predilections. There weren’t ‘accidents’ anymore either, just planned breeding. In other words, births only occurred as necessary to replenish the population. And it was only those who were willing to bear children and raise them lovingly, which would serve the global well-being and replenishing of the world population. The result being the people ensured the subsequent generations being wanted and nurtured.

The previously ravaged world fully understood the delicate balance of the human species in nature. They finally discovered the perfect population size for Planet Earth. It took a millennia, but harmony was achieved, and all was well with the world. A bit odd compared to the 21st-century living, but life was finally thriving. All the ecosystems, having found their equilibrium, were healthy, and the societies were prosperous, where the well-being of all was the pinnacle.

There were no more right or left parties; it became a world of human values first and protecting the rights of nature so that it would continue fruitfully. Even though cultures melded together, thereby co-mingling values, the basic ones of life held up; the silly traditional ones were set aside for humanity’s sake. Giving birth was still encouraged yet more practical than before. Abortion was non-existent. The world did away with the selfish, single desires to have scads of children without any forethought of how it would affect individual families or the world, for that matter, the act of having children was of global concern. Hence, the mandatory regulation of live births only contributed to the needed amount for the presence of human continuation. It was a perpetual balancing act that had been deemed an essential one to maintain. And nature breathed a sigh of relief and thanked us for it.

Humankind had successfully determined how to co-exist with nature and be self-sustaining in this co-dependent living arrangement. It took life lashing out at us for it to happen. Conservatives and progressives finally faced the inevitable when they realized the industrial age and the corruption of corporations had contributed to pollution, poverty, and our world’s slow demise. Thankfully, everyone was willing to reverse course upon facing the reality of breaching a tipping point. It brought about the social change necessary to keep us alive. Conservatives conceded to this new world order as long as the progressives accepted an abortion-free world. This first steps taken in the year 2085, finally propelled our world in the right direction. Humans generally tend to push back, so the change was slow, but with a majority consensus saying – effectively change or perish – the self-preservation instinct won out.

Life was good in 3025.


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