Submit to The Short Of It!

Just a reminder for all those micro-poets (structured and un-structured), prose poets and short story writers, I am accepting submissions for The Short of It all year round! Please keep them coming! 🙂

Feel free to share this with your friends who might fit the bill of what I am looking for.

Click here for more information about submission guidelines.

Voici la créativité!

9 thoughts on “Submit to The Short Of It!

  1. Thanks Susi, I have deleted my haiku, and have written another two for total of three, for submission. Please delete mine in your page. We have more restrictions in our covid 19 laws. Today I have to rush to town for a hair cut. I will submit on Monday. BTW, I am Dr. Lim, Keng Huat is my name. Our family name comes first.

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