34 thoughts on “My Gift To You

    1. Thank you, Reena! Glad you liked it. Sadly, as much as I enjoy engagement, I find I’m not reading or commenting as much as I was able to before. My volume of blogs I follow has gone up, my time devoted to reading has lessened. Its spreading me too thin and contributes to that lack of depth. 🙁

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  1. Yes, to Living! And experiencing to MAKE more memories. Wonderfully crafted, Susi, and I love the flourish of your phrasing of the words flowing out, moving out, leaving the land of one-sided and memories.

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      1. You’re most welcome, Susi!! ❤ Yes, it is. And, also sometimes not to be able to process or work through it initially just due the shock from a cannonball through the stomach and similar so to speak. Gotta drag my ass over under that rock and nurse these wounds so something else doesn’t eat me in this state is a feeling have had more than once. Or, in the biggest case, drag myself OFF the rock.

        Kudos to you for writing in to it to abduct and draw out the poison from inside..


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