Led Astray – Part 4

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So relieved to find out it is some small rag paper. None of the reputable news outlets were making this assertion. Whew! Okay, I feel better now! Just a tabloid story. Influential or successful people like Eliott, always have some asshole wanting to tear them down. Shame on them! They should leave individuals be to live their lives without interference or drama.

Yawn! Okay, enough detective work, time for some shut-eye. I wasn’t lying to Eliott that I had an early morning.


It’s 11 AM, my phone vibrates, and his handsome mug shows up. I immediately smile. It would have been nice to talk, but I was in a meeting, so I slid it to the left to let it go to voicemail. Yes, dear Eliott, I will be calling you back soon!

“Hi, there! Sorry, I was discussing something important with my colleagues and couldn’t pick up right then. What are you up to?”

“Just preparing some final notes for this last day in the series. I’ll need to get back to them pretty soon. But hey, I wondered if you wanted to attend the final workshop scheduled today?” Eliott asked sweetly.

“I’d love to come! What time should I be there?” 

“Can you leave your work early because it starts at 4 PM and runs until 7 PM?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s doable. My schedule is pretty clear the rest of the afternoon,” I said thankfully. “Since I usually work more than my normal 40 hours, I don’t think anyone would blink an eye anyway.”

“And this is why you are also a successful woman, Maxie!” he said, almost hearing him beaming with pride on the other end.

“Thanks for your praise, Eliott! I’ll see you later.”


“You made it right on time!” There was that big smile again as he ushered me into the room towards my seat. Lovely, I got one of the VIP seats at the front. Wonderful that no one will be blocking my view of you, Sexy Eliott! “Sorry, I’ve got to be on stage soon. I will come to get you as soon as it’s over. Have fun!” he said, winking at me.

The lights dimmed slightly. Eliott appeared at the front of the room to thunderous clapping and a standing ovation. All eyes in the audience were on him. He was like a god being worshipped up there on that stage. Very quickly, he motioned for everyone to sit. Obediently, they did and gave him their full attention. The next three hours flew by. We all seemed entranced by the intriguing subject matter, and Eliott was an excellent and confident speaker. He sure knew his stuff. 

After all the applause, people began to disperse, and he came to where I was seated. “You stayed till the end! Hope I wasn’t too boring?” he asked.

“Oh, gosh, no! I thought you were wonderful!”

“Would you like to come to the cocktail party? There is a suite reserved at The Langham. It’s some of my employees and all the VIPs. I do hope you’ll join us?” Always with a twinkle in your eyes, how can I resist you, Eliott?


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I look forward to writing how the story will end! Here’s hoping you enjoy it! 🙂

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