Reblog – This Time by River Dixon

I’ve read this piece over and over, every time coming away with more emotion. Those last two lines get me every time. Very powerful piece.

The Stories In Between

it’s been a long time coming

the divisive fracture held

much longer than expected

through the wind and the rain

ever widening, splintering

the creaks and moans

offered fair warning

of what was to come

bathed in a sense of security

false though ever-clinging

begging, the fall was sudden

in the early morning hours

a rippling effect

tearing through the few

with eyes still wide enough

tongues held but left twisted

mouths in gaping distraction

as the voices give reminder

to just breath and move along

it might have gone unnoticed

in the throes of entertainment

but for this time, the shrieking

and the cries could not be ignored

this time, something was different

this time, they turned their heads

in shame at the reckoning of

their absence through the years

and indifference to the failing

structure that hung merely inches

above their day to day

a death sentence strung…

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