The Boss – Part 4

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“Jason, I’d like you to meet Melody. She will be your new Personal Secretary. Due to the business’s rapid growth, hiring her to handle the day-to-day administrative tasks will make my day run smoother. I’ve worked with Melody before, and she is worth her weight in gold,” I exclaimed as Jason crossed the room to shake her hand.

“Welcome aboard, Melody,” Jason said as he offered her a chair. “Glenn tells me you have lots of experience with social media.”

“Yes, I may be considered an old fogey, but I’ve stayed on top of trends, including social media. It’s fascinating, plus I have picked it up rather quickly,” she said.

“Well, that’s great!” Jason remarked enthusiastically, entirely focused on her. He noticed how attractive she was in her clingy dress. It seemed as if Jason was enamored with her, which prompted a big smile across my face.

“Considering your experience with our competitor, you should be familiar with the industry, but do you have any questions for us?” Jason asked politely. Well done, Jason. I’m so pleased with how well our last talk went, I thought to myself. After applying all the tips we discussed, he seems to be acting like a decent individual during this meeting. I could see a distinct change in his demeanor.

“Jason, Melody – if you don’t mind, I’ll step out for a bit and let you two get better acquainted. Reach out to me if you need anything,” squeezing my mom’s arm as I started heading out the door.

“Thanks, Glenn,” Jason nodded with a wink in his eye. 

Yeah, this is going better than I expected it would. Now, to make some arrangements to get the next part of this plan in the works.


Two months later

“Melody, have you see Glenn?” Jason asked from the door of his office.

“Sorry, no, would you like me to ask around?” 

“That’s okay. I’ll call HR.”

“Hi, Tammy. Can you tell me if Glenn is out sick again, please?”

“Yes, he is. He called this morning and said he still wasn’t feeling better,” said Tammy.

“Okay, thanks. I appreciate it, Tammy. Let me give him a call at home to see what’s going on,” Jason said, worried as he put down the phone.

“Hey there, Glenn. You okay?” Jason said with concern in his voice. 

Coughing and hoarse-sounding, Glenn answered, “Yeah, I’m not doing very well. Fever, chills, a blistering headache, and nausea. It just won’t seem to let up. Probably the flu.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, buddy. You don’t sound good. Have you gone to the doctor yet? Is there anything we can do?” Jason asked.

“I’ve got an appointment later this afternoon. You and Melody just keep doing a fine job at work, and then it will make me feel less guilty about having to take time off, ” Glenn said. 


“What? I’ll need to be hospitalized and quarantined?” I was beginning to lose my composure. “What about the other people I’ve been in contact with?”


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I look forward to writing how the story will end! Here’s hoping you enjoy it! 🙂

17 thoughts on “The Boss – Part 4

  1. Though I love a happy ending complete with redemption or revenge, I will leave the ending in your capable hands. Just one request – please, please don’t make Jason Glenn’s father!

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