The Boss – Part 3

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“I have Prosopagnosia, pretty rare actually. It’s also called face blindness,” said Jason, looking more human than I’d ever seen from him. “I don’t look at people very often, mostly relying on their voices. It helps to mask my inability to recognize them. When you don’t work with the same people very often and don’t remember faces, well, it makes it pretty hard to have a relationship. It’s different with you because you are with me all day. When you’re close, I can smell your breath. You know you could stand to brush your teeth after lunch! Haha! Kidding aside, I can recognize your voice and even your cologne or just your normal smell. Our direct and constant contact is the only reason I know who you are. It makes a lot of sense why my condition has strained my relationships here. Probably the biggest reason it doesn’t allow me to get more personal with people. Not making eye contact contributes to me being a bastard to my employees, right?”

“Of course! It puts you at a huge disadvantage with them, right from the start!” I exclaimed loudly. “I’m so glad you were honest with me about this, Jason. I swear, I will keep this bit of information to myself, but you’ll need to start looking at people when you talk to them. I think this will be a big help in making this a much better place to work! Oh, and I’ll work on brushing my teeth after lunch,” I said jokingly.

“Thanks, Glenn,” Jason said with a big smile. “So besides looking at people, what else should I do?”

“First, I will be ordering decorative company name badges for everyone. Having all employees wear them will be mandatory. Then I will give you a list of all the names and their responsibilities to make it easier for you when you encounter them. Working on projects should be so much easier then.”

“That’s a great idea! Why haven’t I ever thought to do that?” he nodded, consenting to the idea. “Thanks, that’s smart.”

“And this is why you pay me the big bucks, boss!” I said with a big grin. “Jason, I do believe I’m due for a raise! Haha.

“Well, your 90 days probation is coming up. I was planning on giving you a raise because I’ve been so very impressed with you. You remind me so much of myself when I was younger. Your drive and determination are admirable, plus you’ve added so much value to this company since you began to work with me. I’m very pleased, honestly.” Jason came around to give me a very hearty handshake and a loud clap on the back. “I sure wish there were more like you!”

I called home right after I met with Jason. “Mom, he confirmed what we suspected. Make sure you have your voice-altering device available and working correctly when you come into the office tomorrow.”


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