The Boss – Part 2

Part 1

“What about traits like honesty, motivational and inspirational skills, trust in your employees, being self-aware, compassion, and trying to meet your employees’ needs for once?” I uttered excitedly. “How about you work on mentoring more, providing resources, and understanding that a little emotional intelligence could be helpful, or that giving open and honest feedback rather than barking at people would go a long way towards better relationships and harmony in our company?”

Jason was ready to drop-kick me out of the 91st floor of the company’s high-rise.

“ENOUGH! I’m the boss, and you are an assistant! Where do you get off always trying to interfere in my style of managing my business?” Jason was glowing a bright red shade, thanks to our latest argument.

I’d only been here working for about two months, but it seemed like an eternity. It was amazing that Jason only threatened to fire me a few times instead of doing it. These fights began right after I started and have only escalated since. But he liked me a lot.

“Look, Glenn, you are the best employee I’ve ever had. Actually, the only person I’ve ever been able to tolerate and yes, even like.” Jason calmed as he said that. “I’ve realized you’ve made outstanding and valid arguments for many of the changes around here in the business. The suggestions in my management style are pushing it, though. You remind me a lot of me, that’s why I do listen but seriously, young man, it’s enough now!”

“But Jason, if you can accept that the things I’ve suggested for the business and they are helping and working, what is the harm in evaluating your personality regarding how you come off to others? Don’t you see how your employees fear you and how high the turn-over is?” I asked, exasperated. “Even some of the clients are turned off by your demeanor, well the ones who aren’t in the 1%.”

“Do they really not like me?” he began to soften his tone.

Jason appeared open to hearing more. “Look, we have some of the richest people in the world as clients. The majority of them are genuinely the hardest individuals to deal with as they want catering to like babies. The detailing, restoration, or customization of high-end luxury vehicles for them means treating their babies with kid gloves and having to take their crap too. You seem to handle doing that most of the time, so why not with your employees?” I felt like it was beginning to sink in.

“Okay, so tell me more about the things I could improve on to help change the work environment around here,” Jason said, letting his guard down.

“First thing, I need you to look people in the eye when they talk to you,” I said earnestly. “They need to feel respected, and this will go a long way towards achieving that.”

“What I’m about to tell you goes no further than this room,” Jason suddenly said, very seriously.


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