Found My Mojo

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge #103 – Theme song

I’ve loved many songs over these past 57 years, having some favorites that I would play every day, all year long. But I never really adopted one as my theme song. That is until I heard this one above by Pink “Raise Your Glass.” I immediately fell in love with the lyrics of being a strong, self-assured being. I was going through some events in my life at the time, which gave me some insights on how to move forward. Being myself in every way possible became my motto, and the song certainly illustrated the importance of it. The release date of this song coincided with a convention I attended in 2010, and it was the beginning of my transformation and writing journey.

VJ’s prompt this week took me back to a place which was a beginning for me, a demarcation of when I stopped living in the acceptable little package society decreed I wrap myself in. I felt very strongly about the words in that song, it prompted me to get the tattoo below. Now mind you, I’ve always been the “loud” friend (enthusiastic, dancing, and singing when it was inappropriate, laughing at all the good jokes raucously), but the tattoo also represents having finally found the strength in my voice. I wanted people to understand that I won’t shy away from anything anymore, my opinion is OK to share, and we must go through this life boldly.

Thanks for this prompt, VJ! It has me rockin’ in my chair! 😉


26 thoughts on “Found My Mojo

  1. This is an amazing share Susi. I would listen to this song as I have not yet clicked play but the tattoo looks stunning and gives the strength to the person having it and to the others chill to be aware 😀

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  2. This is an imagine song. P!NK has been one of my favorites for years. I love her intensity and passion.
    I too raise my glass. I have always been wrong in all the right ways, loud and misunderstood in ways. So cheers. 🥂

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  3. And, not only have you found the strength in your voice, you also have an intensity in the clarity of your voice as well. Or, in keeping with theme, nitty gritty intensity in clarity of voice with something substantial to say.

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