Reblog – ‘Forget me not’ by John Coyote

Deep feelings of love, a wanting, and need to feel you are someone’s everything. Ah, so sweet! Enjoyed this piece very much, hope you do too! 🙂


Forget me not

She told me, flattery will get you everything.
Please make me feel loved and wonderful.
I need someone, to be their, everything.
Even if just sweet lies dear Poet.

Divina Primavera


I remember the long Summer days and us stealing kisses and dancing near the lake.
You were my elixir of the sweet new Germany September wine.
Your kind words of love torn away years of misery and regret.
You told me often. Lover’s love and they demand more in the midnight hour.

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Forget me not my love , she whispered.
The canvas of life is for us to create.
We can paint with a gentle touch or conspire to leave broken pieces of art,
where love can be dead and bury.
Blood art leave final resting place or love descended to glorious places.
Leave memories of sweet kisses and many dances for the moon and the…

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