Introducing 5 Day Tales!

Starting Monday July 6th, I will be posting a new type of series for my readers. Each week, I will post one complete story broken up over the course of the week. As with all that I write, I’m a fan of the short stuff, so they will be a quick read every day. You can expect these stories to be around 2500 words total for the week. The daily posts will be segments of a fictional story with an interesting twist on Thursday’s. I will ask the readers to decide what type of ending they would like to see on Friday. In other words, where would you like to see my imagination go?!? I find the idea of collaborating with the audience quite fascinating. I hope you will too!

I’m looking forward to doing this as it will challenge me to be even more creative. Plus, I’ve gotten feedback from some friends and readers that would like to see me stretch my storytelling wings a bit more. So, thank you for the encouragement and let’s have some fun!

See you Monday! πŸ™‚

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