A New Home

Sailors confused her home with a bottle of their favorite drink, releasing her accidentally. They callously pitched her green housing to the sand upon discovering the error. She decided no wishes would be granted upon seeing the multitude of lecherous and treacherous men. It was wise to remain out of sight. They didn’t deserve her help, nor would she be a slave to them and their filthy, disgusting wishes.

Besides, thinking to herself – Why would I ever go back to that little space when I’m out here in paradise? No, the genie is not getting back in the bottle.

12 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. Yup, Sorrows Are Damn Good Swimmers

    They pour in two by two as the drink pours out
    Noah never knowing any better as he mused
    “she’s smart that Genie to go with flow,
    and get out of the way,

    drunkard lechards getting more so
    staring into the bottom of the bottle
    how all the things they drank away
    are frolicking in there
    at the bottom of the bottle
    mocking them
    waving and laughing and waving some more
    all freshened up with a swim
    waiting to taunt them
    when they wake in the morning.”

    Dead fish. Yup, they go with the flow.

    Sorrows are the best swimmers.
    Maybe Noah didn’t need an Ark.

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