Wordle #460

“I have rights deigned to me as Queen! If history has taught us anything, going to war solves nothing,” I said to the Prime Minister in my office. Arthur is a threat to me and my crown. It certainly is a dismaying situation, one I can hardly afford right now. I believe he is suffering from envy, but I will not waver! I pray I have more sense than that goofy man seems to possess!” I meant to say more, but I was exasperated.

The Prime Minister nodded, understanding Arthur jeopardized the Monarchy with every verbal misstep uttered in public.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

18 thoughts on “Wordle #460

  1. Have you seen the video, “Step Inside the Circle”? Please scroll all the way to the bottom of my most recent Serendipity Itinerary blog for the video. Important work is being done for our prison population that can work to ALL of our benefit WITH them in lieu of using them as slave labor. To being them back from the brink of hyper-traumatized lives generating their behaviors. Not naive, Native. Native to our culture is a blind eye to true causes, and history is beginning to rhyme again about now.

    Smoky the Bear: Only You can Prevent Forest Fires.
    Step Inside the Circle… Only WE can prevent history from indulging in gratuitous rhyme, and turn it back into itself for some rockin’ internal rhyme to strike chords to resonate…


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    1. I just watched it. Had not seen it before but it feels like something similar I had seen about a coach asking people to step forward with high school kids.

      It’s awesome to see this work being done to help people who have been traumatized! Because when we heal ourselves, the world around us becomes a better place.

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      1. Perspective is beautiful like that. It reinvigorated our, “”Inspect Your Expectations” mode to e wise in time in the present.

        I.e. when we “inspect our expectations” we don’t assume. We don’t disappear our discernment into blind spots. The “inspect your expectations” of seeing what’s really there rather than what’s expected to be or supposed to be there.

        Any better?

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  2. Amen! Awomenhotep!

    Soveriegnty. Until all people have made their own way into their own personal Sovereignty, we will continue to wage wars, and every leader will continue to be considered a mass murderer using deception rather than the seamless segue of viscerally verdant, deceptive simplicity wise in time in the moment? Maybe I’ll become a Prison Abolitionist. Putting already traumatized people in highly violent, overly sexualized places like prisons, only traumatizes them more from my perspective.

    “I meant to say more, but I was exasperated.” It’s DAYum hard to not be exasperated sometimes in those situations, sometime even harder to stay silent with the, “never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake,” and… “Well, I see you’ve expressed that point more brilliantly than I’ve ever heard before. Except, one thing…. You’re just flat wrong. Respectfully, I’d engage you on a battle of wits, though I see you’re unarmed.”


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