On Influence

just being human
gives you the power
an ability, albeit unconsciously
are you even aware of this gift

influence affects you and others
see great characters emerging
personal development impacted
behaviors redirected maybe

it shapes policies
hoping attitudes will improve
for gained greatness within
with viewpoints in check

swaying lives that hang in the balance
hoping poor habits can change
their evolution impacted positively
helping find a way towards more caring

without us even knowing, not always for good
tread carefully with this power
who, why, how and what you affect
it could haunt you or lift your spirits

7 thoughts on “On Influence

  1. Yes!

    And, “an” vs ”and” is wonderfully correct… like a cape. What color is your cape! This is a superpower. How have YOU incorporated your superpower after adding a comma after your “power” in verse 1?

    Susi already has.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re welcome, Susi! I can’t not respond to things that move me. Call it a weakness, that doesn’t come from same.

        Try this on for size… your language is VIRILE!, and not like 80-year-old-men-pill-taking virile. 🙂 Virile! Yes!

        Liked by 1 person

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