each generation hands to the next
a tradition or a belief, passing on
the act of non-investigation
into the validity or reason for its continuing

oral history, lore, your heritage
you so proudly wear on your heart
reinforced with symbols and behaviors
of punishing laws to follow

why do the whispers of ghosts
from past lives deserve a voice
ask questions, find your way to be
this one life is yours, no one else’s

*Note – What inspired this was an article I came across in All That’s Interesting. If you are interested, there is a whole lot more strangeness referenced there too!

13 thoughts on “Pressured

  1. Without the voices of ghosts from ages past, what was will be forgotten.
    Those who would see such voices mute, make only a world for themselves.
    And all the lessons lived and learned are silenced by a new god’s whim.
    One that hides behind a call of a past which they would make for others,
    And make forbidden what made each group its own, melded and without direction.


    1. Some of it needs to be forgotten. Evolution is growth. Growth instills kindness. I wouldn’t have a problem with a kind god. Sadly, there has never been one to present itself so it’s up to us to become that.


      1. Oh, I never said not to listen, “deserve a voice” only implies that nonsense should be disregarded and each generation decides for themselves what is appropriate. This piece relates to critical thinking and that is something that will never fail you.

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      2. When each new generation decides for itself what is important and what should be given a voice, they inevitably miss what was important through experience. To look upon the silver lining and never gaze upon the cloud.


      3. Again, “Oh, I never said not to listen” or be exposed to it. This piece is about thinking critically. Not everything from the past has relevance or should be continued. If you disagree, that’s fine. Maybe you would prefer to elaborate in an email rather than a line by line critique? My contact info is on the About Susi page.


      4. It’s not about not listening, but rather the part of each generation choosing hat’s important and the critical aspects behind that. The reason being, each generation knows what’s important until they come upon the problems faced by their forebears. Some truths can be uncomfortable, some can be shunned as being outdated. What is unimportant to one, is everything to another, old fashioned versus tried and true.
        This is not a critique, especially a line by line one. Rather a response from such a path traveled.


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