Reblog – With a Smile by Mich

Haven’t we all been here one time or maybe more? Even in heartbreak there is hope.



I never felt
how broken
i was


I saw
your foot prints
leaving me
in agony
in hurt
in pain

And in longing

Until then

You remain
my beautiful


And if
you find
your way

I will be right
where you left me

In the shadow of
my life
with every
word i write


Up and until then

I will love you
in the silence
of my heart

In every breath
I take
every word
i write

Until then I will wait, with love, with admiration and with a smile.


In response to the challenge “What do you see” by Sadjie
What do you see # 20- March 9, 2020
I read somewhere that if you leave someone at least tell them why, because what’s more painful than being abandoned; is knowing your not worth an explaination.

Whatever the situation of leaving maybe a…

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