Confession Time

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I’m feeling a bit guilty lately. And cranky about it. Forgive me for what I am about to say. Please.

There are so many writers I follow, but I’m falling behind in reading them. Know that I wish I could spend more time doing exactly that. But life, commitments, goals, and other passions are pulling me at me always. Sadly, there are only 24-hour days, and I have to prioritize those things which require self-preservation, devote the correct amount of time to those things which have deadlines, and choose wisely where I spend my free time. This leaves me with little time for reading every post on every single blog I follow. I’m sorry.

Know that I will as much as I can when I physically have the time to do so. And when I do and have liked a piece, it’s because it has struck a chord in me. I may not always comment, though, if I have a lot of pieces I’d like to read. You are all precious to me, and your words and thoughts inspire me, thrill me, and even make me laugh appropriately! I do most certainly miss spending as much time on your blogs as I previously did.

Am I forgiven?

34 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. No need to confess anything. Your time is yours to spend how you need. Read what you can when you can, and comment when the moment impresses the need within you. But do what is right for you. The river flows, sometimes placidly, sometimes through rapids. Each allow us differing amounts of time to use freely. Enjoy!

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  2. Hey Susi, thanks for writing this. It’s a very genuine feeling that you have expressed in this, we are in the same boat when we say about reading words that connect with us. And more importantly, for me, your heartfelt posts are all that is needed, nothing to forgive, nothing to be worried about. Lots of love.

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  3. It is overwhelming to comment on everyone’s post. I generally read and give a like. I would comment if the post struck a chord so deep I have to let the writer know how I feel about the piece. Don’t be guilty over this. I think many of us suffer from this, especially now with the work from home situation

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  4. I don’t always comment but I do come and read – If you read me great! If not I’m okay with that too. I generally comment on posts that are special to me in some compelling way. But not everyone I follow does the same.

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  5. I’m having the same issue. NAPOWRIMO threw me off, and I haven’t gotten back on track for those I follow, though I’m reading a heck of a lot of responses to prompts I’ve completed.

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  6. You are not forgiven. You expressed a heartfelt and caring sentiment, though you are not forgiven. As, there’s nothing to forgive. It’s your life, your way, on your time, so ever how you please. I appreciate the expression of how busy you are, and I will simply say, that’s a great problem to have. Keep yourself NOT overloaded, doing what your’re doing YOUR way. If you don’t do THAT, well, then I’ll consider the forgiveness card. :). I would hate to see you begin tp divide and conquer yourself with choking vines of overburden that creep in subtly at first, and begin to constrict the wonderful breath of your work.

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  7. Thanks, Susi, for this post. I, too, always feel so guilty not being able to read everyone’s posts. It is an impossible task. I have now come to terms with it. I am certain all bloggers are familiar with the problem and can empathise with the dilemma. Best Regards.

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  8. Don’t worry Susi. I have had to make a similar post lately. I can’t give the time or keep up either, though for different reasons. Take care ❤️

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