1st Vincent Ehindaro Award!

Thank you Dragon Warrior for nominating me for this award! I’ve recently become aware of this blog and am looking forward to reading more. 🙂

As always, it’s wonderful to receive this recognition and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know my readers a little better.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to be an award-free blog due to my goals and schedule this year, but I will answer all of Dragon Warrior’s questions.

My Answers

Would you consider yourself a creative person? If so, how?

Absolutely! When I started writing I actually felt even more creative, and not just because of the writing. It felt like I became more imaginative and creative with art too.

What type of characters do you like to read about?

I like any characters possessing good or bad characteristics that are well-written and well-developed.

How would you describe the quarantine in a few words?

Overwhelming at times.

How would you describe your aesthetics?

If you are referring to my physical appearance – blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, long legs.

When the quarantine ends, what would you do first?

Hug my children!!

Thanks again Dragon Warrior for the nomination and also the praise and support you’ve given my writing. I appreciate it very much! 

28 thoughts on “1st Vincent Ehindaro Award!

      1. And, THAT’s why I think it’s kick-butt even more. Your response is one of my fave modes in talk show interviews, when people definitely respond, though definitely DO NOT respond in any way near the response range expected from the question. I call it “taking the the 3rd option” when someone only gives you 2 choices. “Hey Jordan. Is the glass half empty or half full?” “Seems to me a great place to put a flower.”

        You did that, took the 3rd option, YOURS, which always gets me smiling. Watching the interviewer’s head bounce a little as they brighten up a bit and recover. Usually, too, the place where they dive in more and make it more worthwhile to experience when it’s in person or on air.

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