crisp, bold colors
scorched and faded
hanging limply
where before
proudly cocked

without care
the exposure
too much
too harsh
too punishing

and indifference
one final blow
what weathered before
won’t stave off current storms

bent beyond repair
in shambles
it’s time
for new patio furniture

26 thoughts on “Weathered

  1. Beautiful as always.
    I was really going with it and saying this is deep in my head while reading 😅 then I read ‘for new patio’ 🤣

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    1. Thank you, Precious!! ❤ Trust me, I was "really going with it" too but then "PLOT TWIST!" 😉 This piece is a little bit of both – metaphorical and exactly what the last line says.

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      1. LOL. Glad you aren’t 4. Drawing on a 4-year old’s drawing’ll likely get you killed. 🙂

        I guess I DID do that, huh? Thanks for the laugh. I figured, “HEY! They’re getting new patio furniture, so LOOK, a found object to repurpose.” Pardoning recycling it prior to it being tossed. I missed the no trespassing sign.

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      2. Well, hearing the backstory above fleshing out more of the intent you poured into it, I’ll take that. A eulogy of you in another time, snake its skin shedded, snake her skin not missed. You in another time, though molted. And, I’ll say getting the fresh new colors of new patio furniture from molting transformation? That’s much mo’ betta than just a self-realization. Now, you can sit on this “self-realization” aka patio furniture as energy made solid. Serious currency in that.

        I love feeling how things come across standalone speaking for themselves, and then layering back in the creator’s intent to complexity the story with even more robust deceptive simplicity… so it really adds the octane to “this piece GOES places.” You have a great ‘tude to your tune, Susi. Resonates with confident life and a great sense of humor — strong enough to be gentle?

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      3. Really good take, Jordan. I’m glad you sussed that out. I’ve always thought that writers, even if not consciously aware of it, bring more to their pieces than their intent. That’s the story telling to get to the moral of it, I think. Thanks for looking so intently. 🙂 I’ll take the compliments at the end and hope I’m truly fitting the bill! ❤

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      4. You are. You certainly are. Like I used to say, and (lol) have begun to again recently, “Intention is over-rated. It is simply far more important the way something comes across.” In no way dispenses with intention, though puts the onus of responsibility to Frankenstein the intent into the work as the heartbeat pulsing of the energy of what comes across.

        “That’s the story telling to get to the moral of it, I think. Thanks for looking so intently.” Yes.

        And, your last reminds me of Georgia O’Keefe responding to someone asking why she painted her flowers so large. “To force people to LOOK of course.” 🙂

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