Reblog – Pools by Joe Barca on Vita Brevis

The Landing Stage – Santiago Rusinol

I am but water.
The puddle of

last night’s shower.
I live for an hour or two.

Until the sunshine
absorbs me.

I am the ocean
for children in

Wellington boots.
For earthworms.

And for the descent
of errant swallows.

I am pavement’s
liquid memory.

I am a silver mirror.

About the Poet

Joe has had poetry featured in a book called “Peace Poems” and in a number of online poetry publications including From Whispers to Roars and Selcouth Station Press. He has self-published three short poetry collections. He is a husband, a father, and the owner of a wheaten terrier. He is a fast talker and a slow runner.

Originally published on Vita Brevis on November 14, 2018

This piece struck me as being such an easy read but visually so descriptive. I was very drawn to the content and imagery. Hope you enjoy it too!

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