To Each Their Own


Do you…

save meaningful mementos from the people and things you love
or hoard objects that may eventually become useful

widen your mouth into a smile when you see your joy
or walk right on by, indifferent

thoughtfully phrase your worries
or blurt out your hurts

dance in the grocery aisles
or remain stoic doing the mundane

laugh unabashedly
or throttle it down, embarrassed

let the dust pile on while you enjoy life
or frantically control your environment

get wounded easily
or have a breastplate made of steel

shamelessly sing loudly
or slowly build into your confident voice

delicately and carefully plod through life unnoticed
or pronounce yourself a bull in the china shop

take a hard hit in times of crisis
or get surrounded by those looking up at you when they do

share the coolest, latest things with friends
or find yourself at a loss when life changes

understand you can’t know everything
or act the fool who thinks they do

think all the time
or feeling blank most of the time

just hate some people
or only love all

Just a few things I was wondering…

16 thoughts on “To Each Their Own

    1. So glad you liked it, Chuck! πŸ™‚ LOL I wonder EVERY day, it just doesn’t always make it to paper. Yes, myself and the family are well, still safe and healthy. Hope you and yours are the same. Oh yes, I was a champ before Covid-19 actually. πŸ˜‰


  1. It took a long time for me to discern the grey between the “good” and the “evil”. I try to be the best version of myself knowing I will fail and believing every day is a fresh page to write my story.

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  2. ALl the 1st line of each stanza except the last. Then, on the last, I have to go with, β€œor only love all.” You see, I like to look for the good in everyone, not naively, though Everyone’s good at something. Some people are just good at being a dick. πŸ™‚

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