Sex, Lies, and Ratings

Maybe they really should! What do you think? I’m also curious, how many NC-17 or X friends do you have? 🙂

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Maybe relationships should come with a rating system?

G                strangers
PG             acquaintances
PG-13       good friends
R                transitioning to another level of intimacy
NC-17       best friends or friends with benefits
X                committed in every way, hardcore relationships, trust is off
the charts, depth of knowledge of the person is almost symbiotic

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12 thoughts on “Sex, Lies, and Ratings

  1. I have one X relationship (my husband) and about 3 NC-17 Best Friends plus about 6 NC-17 family members… Most of the rest of the people I know are divided evenly between PG-13 and PG… The rest the world would be G except for a couple that don’t deserve even a G rating…

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