Let me begin by saying, there are individuals who absolutely, positively, through no fault of their own, do not possess any capacity for intelligence. I get it and I’m not discussing that segment of our population. It is beyond their control and abilities, and are not being judged in this opinion piece.

The term stupid is considered derogatory, and yet, also a statement of fact about someone’s intelligence. A stupid person is one who tends to make poor decisions or careless mistakes because of a lack of intellect or understanding. The implication being that stupid people require more knowledge or education. However, even when given more information, they are not likely to absorb it properly. I see part of the problem as an unwillingness on their part to comprehend additional information. Another part is the lack of critical thinking skills. That’s the reality.

It would seem that many stupid people want to stay at their own ignorance level instead of proactively making the effort in understanding the issues, problems, and concerns surrounding their current situations needing dealt with. Throw into that lack of intelligence unfettered emotions that add absolutely no value to a problematic situation and well, you see, you have a mess. This scenario just leads to no resolution and generally more confusion for the stupid person. And frustration to those around them who are impacted by the stupid person’s poor choices and decisions.

I’m not sure if this current COVID-19 situation brought these thoughts out in me or if it’s 45’s (lack of) leadership that has irked me to no end. And just so you understand, I’m feeling more than just irked.



25 thoughts on “People

  1. To quote Judy Sheindlin – ‘Beauty fades, dumb is forever’, and by gum the dumb ones are really showing their solidarity for each other at present, and it’s very frustrating. I have to say you have nailed it all quite perfectly above.

    – Esme sending care from upon the Cloud

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  2. I recently commented along these lines on another blog, to the effect that there’s a big difference between willful ignorance (which seems to afflict many politicians in general and Republicans in particular), and (more or less)excusable ignorance “beyond their control and abilities.” Most believers in Trump, I think, fall along the lines of your third paragraph — easily conned, and once conned, unwilling to entertain any notion that they HAVE been conned, no matter how much evidence is available contrary of their beliefs.

    What is unbelievable to me is that despite Trump’s bunglling and incompetence with regard to the COVID-19 crisis, his approval rating has actually gone up. How STUPID can you get!

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    1. Honestly I am surprised as well! It makes me wonder were we stupid to choose our leaders or where we choosing the less stupid one amongst the stupid lot!

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