Her Hands


i look at my hands
and discover
they’re her hands

my veins
are not as plump
nor as soft

as a young child
her hands
gave me comfort

her veins
were my toy
to rub for hours

this one allowed act
was solace for me
for her too it seemed

a simple act
of touch
we both needed

the affection stopped
as i grew older
and we moved far away

other memories
were of rigidity and coldness
and superficial acknowledgment

when i found she wrote poetry
i realized
another connection

her hands
brings me closer still

37 thoughts on “Her Hands

  1. Oh this is so beautiful my friend. I just love it and relate to it as well. Moving those wiggly veins on the thinning skin on her old hands. This is gorgeous and so touching. I imagine it brings back many memories of loved ones to many people who read this piece. Thank you so much for sending me this link. It is really special. Have a wonderful evening my friend. Love and Hugs Joni

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  2. It’s a lovely piece, Susi. That even in the coldness that was there you still remember the kind moments you shared and know that they are the most important ones.

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  3. This is so beautiful, Susi. And we seem to be in the same place right now; my grandmother, who passed last spring, would have been 100 this past Saturday. She was my great friend growing up and an inspiration even now. Much needed memories in these times!

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