Goff James

Editor’s note: The following haiku and senryu are the very first pieces to be showcased here on The Short of It. I’m thrilled with the response so far and hope to publish these exclusive pieces frequently! For those interested, please keep them coming! And please do share the submission guidelines with individuals who you know enjoy writing micro-poetry or very concise stories and wish for some recognition of their work! Thanks!


Love’s Carousel

’Pon Love’s carousel
Life’s tragic symphonies played
Many broken hearts

As Wild Horses Run

As wild horses run
The blithe spirit in his soul
Sets him ever free


Searching for release
Unhinged in dreams’ dark madness
Finding no escape


Mem’ries bloodstained weep
Love’s lingering presence felt
Heartache’s scars unhealed


Goff James is a grumpy eccentric who, in the darkness of night, plays with words and tries to write poetry. His work displays an interest in that which can be seen and unseen, that which is heard and unheard and all those things that go unnoticed in between.


If you’d like to be featured on The Short of It, click here for the submissions guidelines.


17 thoughts on “Goff James

  1. Hi, Susi. Many thanks for publishing my work. I am truly honoured that they are the very first pieces you published. I love the supporting image. I am touched and humbled by friends’ comments. Have a wonderful day. Goff

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