Dancing Queen

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Alive – 2/3/2020

blond hair
blue eyes
cute european girl

sweet sixteen
dancing free
and feeling alive

life fantastic
dreams unending
beginning of her

**Side note – it seems funny to me the original video isn’t “alive” at all! Actually, sort of boring! LOL

10 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Susi,

    I loved to dance when I was younger, still do if the truth be told, so I can relate. Your song choice is purfect for this week’s word theme and your poem is spot on! Feel free to join me on the Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me dance floor. If you have tunes then we want to boogie with you! 😉 Now to get my thinking cap on to create a something that makes me alive!

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  2. There are several videos on Youtube and it’s interesting to see how he has changed through the years. What’s fascinating is the lyrics are the same throughout the entire song, yet he made a hit out it. I find it very uplifting because of the beat! Yes, there is a lot more glitz in the videos done later on. I love your poem and at sweet sixteen, we were dancing free with unending dreams. At least, that is what should have happened. Thank you for participating.

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    1. I saw that too. It was fun to see the duet with his wife! I would agree it was that beat was uplifting and intoxicating even with that repetion. Glad you enjoyed the post! That feeling I was referring to is one I can hope to attain over and over again in my life, even as I age. 🙂 As always, a pleasure to participate!

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