My Sketchbook is LIVE!

The Sketchbook Project, Volume 15: Susi Bocks – I’m Fine

You’ll recall I posted about The Sketchbook Project earlier this year where I announced my participation. The submission is titled I’m Fine. Well, it’s available for you to see now. Please don’t judge my art skills too harshly as I am only an amateur! πŸ˜‰ But I do hope you enjoy the poetry about the emotions of having found love, then losing it and ultimately coming out on the other side. The thoughts reflected in this sketchbook are pulled from the depths of my personal experience. And yet, they are ones shared by millions who have lived this universal story.

As you go through this, I hope you can feel the elation, the sorrow and the strength in the individual pieces. I look forward to your thoughts!

If you would like to participate in Volume 16, click here.

29 thoughts on “My Sketchbook is LIVE!

  1. Amazing!! Well done you!!!
    Will go and give it a view just now…

    I absolutely fell in love with this project when I read about it a few months ago.

    My goal is submit a sketchbook of poetry before my (significant) birthday later this year.


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  2. I love it! I love how your words and your artwork blended together. Your display of emotions show you are a straightforward, honest and strong human being. Weathering the storm is no easy task. Well done, Susi.

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