Being In The Density

Nick Fewings – Unsplash

sharing space
with another
requires more than love

it’s a willingness
to let go
of one’s shield
diligently erected

a wanting
to feel the richness
of another’s essence
perhaps damaged

a deep need
to be enmeshed
on all the levels
partners wish to be seen

it’s a pact
for the happiness
of the other
in this dance of two beings

24 thoughts on “Being In The Density

  1. Lovely poem. The line that really caught me was “It’s a pact for the happiness of the other.” So true and yet still rare. So many people who “chase” love want it for the wrong reasons. “If I get her then I’ll be happy.” Never considering the “other’s” happiness.

    Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Your beautiful words express this so wonderfully. I’ll make a point of swinging by at the weekend, tell the statue that it is a source of inspiration x

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