Life’s Patterns


Existing as a human, a random outcome when DNA perhaps combines joyously stacks the odds against us right from the beginning. We’re rather frail and vulnerable, but with care, nurture, and hopefully love, or maybe not, we manage to survive and even sometimes thrive despite what life can throw our way. The disasters we encounter – natural or otherwise – can be life-altering. There’s nothing more devastating than having to fight life’s indiscriminate catastrophes. Dealing with and even overcoming some of these moments can be excruciating. It is a “Survival of the fittest” world, just as Darwin described it. The physical world endures merely because of having the strength to survive.

When I look at this capitalistic society, it primarily operates the same way. The financially fittest are a class unto themselves. “Here’s a wild statistic: The 26 richest people on earth in 2018 had the same net worth as the poorest half of the world’s population, some 3.8 billion people.” It’s only a small top tier of obnoxiously wealthy individuals whose wealth sets them apart from most humans. Financial woes will probably never be an issue for them unless they do something so heinous that it topples their kingdom. Some individuals repeat that mantra with a vengeance. And some of those, survive in such a fashion that is a detriment to others — shame on them. Being rich, even ultra-hoarding rich, is not the problem, hurting others to remain rich is. And that’s the point. They think that only they should survive. 

It is sad to see so many people perish because the arrogant don’t care. Watching those far removed actively engaged in the destruction of other’s lives for their gain seems monstrous to me. How do they sleep at night?

A fair amount of my life is over, and statistically, I might see about another 20 years. I hope that wealth inequality in this world sees a tremendous change before my demise. There is no reason in this universe that there should be starving children, homeless people, or otherwise destitute individuals.

We should be taking care of each other.

18 thoughts on “Life’s Patterns

  1. I just had the whole song “God Bless the Child” run through my head. It always interests me when “them what’s got” get all defensive about having earned their millions, and most of them (our present commander in chief included) are simply living off the legacies of their ancestors. Still, I share your hope, Susi. Will 2020 somehow usher in an Age of Empathy? I don’t know… but we can do our part!

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      1. Here’s what I got…

        1) “Greed is a primate dominance pattern. We are primates hence it is not something that is even in the conscious awareness of someone engaging in the behavior. If asked if they are behaving selfishly, they will invariably have a quick answer that totally justifies the behavior.”

        2) “personality is roughly equal biology and environment” and pretty hard to change by the age of 30 without some type of major upheaval or insight.

        3) “I think both (personality/environment) but more so experience and a perception of scarcity (which can easily be perpetuated in our individualistic society).” Whereupon I asked “but if born into a situation of wealth, how can scarcity be perceived?”
        Response – “Could also be compensation for an inability to feel joy without getting all the money/ things”

        So it’s a bit subjective, it appears. But I’m getting the feeling that our DNA plays a more central part but can change.


      2. Thanks for sharing these responses with me. I agree that we are a product of our DNA and environment. We learn a lot from how we are brought up too. But somewhere along the line, we have left humanity, compassion and generosity far far behind.

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