I’ve Heard


drunks tell no lies
they say
but when they’re sober
they tell no truths

liquid courage
they say
but it’s more like
real communication’s anesthesia

needs to be shared
person to person
with heads clear

otherwise, the path down liquid lane makes

hard times
get harder
direction is lost
focus gone

and the urge
to share
what needs to be said
just adds up to a larger tab

19 thoughts on “I’ve Heard

  1. Truth

    Every kind of trance
    Induced by anything
    Opens or closes doors
    To what we hold in

    We can alter our minds
    Take on different moods
    Use them for excuses
    We can later deny

    Truth pieced together
    Is still truth to accept
    Getting past denials
    Pretending no pretense

    Shoulder to shoulder
    Look into the mirror
    See you cannot lie
    Or fool other people

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