Teaching Moments


it’s annoying
and disappointing
you vow one thing
and do another

where is the care
you promised
i count on it
only to be let down

i gave you
too much credit
trusting you
to do your one job

fulfilling the deed
you signed up for
i should be able
to believe you’d deliver

“My word is my bond!” you said
that commitment
was and is

things get
out of hand
you expect me
to pick up the pieces

like i always do
like an obedient servant
avoiding defeat

but in the end
take the hit
this party’s over

11 thoughts on “Teaching Moments

  1. How can we rely on commitment when we don’t even know who we are at the moment, let alone who we will be 10, 15, or 20 years from now? I think that is frustrating to both parties when things don’t work out.

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      1. Sure, that makes more sense. My friends daughters boyfriend came over for dinner and he was a complete asshole—his nothing, really. Her mother complained afterwords that he had no manners, and he should’ve been polite. Ah, I say, you wanted home to pretend politeness? Really this was perfect. You got to see the real him which is what you want. Not deception.

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