Wordle #428

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

I nervously held my employee card up against the cover of the time clock, waiting for it to scan. Each passing second was fraught with intense silence. I knew this situation could get ugly if I didn’t get in quickly to manage the crisis. The company might launch a probe or, worse, schedule a hearing hoping to uncover any lies. It would be a foolish attempt to sully my reputation, probably forcing me to resign. I wonder if they saw the look of disgust on my face in the security video as I continued to wait for the buzz-in. 


6 thoughts on “Wordle #428

  1. https://2thinkis2be.wordpress.com/2019/11/03/wordle-428/

    Resiliax was designed to prevent the advance of Addison’s disease. But Alliance Pharmaceuticals failed to report accelerated development of pancreatic cancer in hundreds of patients with compromised immune systems. Alliance knew this medicine was fraught with danger.

    Alliance’s director, Dr. Elmore Rasheed, denied responsibility. He refused to resign, even when he was confronted with proof, he told regulators lies to cover up the crisis his company caused. Dr. Rasheed said that those were “misunderstandings.” He even tried to use the “race card“ to sully the integrity of the probe into his minority-owned business. When asked who was responsible, his silence told the rest of the story.

    I left the hearing in disgust.

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