17 thoughts on “Hustlers

  1. Says the Professional Tarot and Kintsukuroi of Self Reader… Scheisters? YES! Not all of them, though I pin a number of 75 – 85% are what I consider Clairfaudulents who open Readings with absurdities like, “I see you have pain in your past,” “I see a man or a woman, darker, maybe it’s just the shade.” To the 1st I say, Duh. To the second I say, “what about something about me rather than the ‘of course you see that. I just walked in and you’re on a busy street.‘ Read for me, not for you please.” Legit Readers more often than not have deep conscious or unconscious parallels to the Jungian Depth Psychology community, whereas Clairfraudulents simply never had the balls to actually run away with the circus… literally. Therapy versus Carnie. If only they sold cotton candy…

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  2. I tend to agree. 🙂 Have you ever seen The Mentalist TV series (a few years back)? It features such a con artist. These people are highly intuitive and pick up things that most of us don’t see.

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