Wordle #426

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Barbara began to laugh. “You will rue the day you put me through this sham of a marriage!” She vowed to send this shallow shell of a man, this dense idiot packing. Barbara was about to spiral out of control but felt a robust icy draft behind her. She turned and immediately felt the wind cutting into her eyes something fierce. The rage turned to tears as she turned around again to sop them up. You’d think this would have been a signal to Mr. Numbnuts to do something sincere, but no. He just kept drinking his craft beer. Dumbass.

9 thoughts on “Wordle #426

  1. Could not help myself 😉

    My Oliver Adventure (100 Wordle;)

    I rue the day I let my friend Oliver draft me into helping pilot his swamp craft across the everglades. The engine, loud; the water, shallow with dense patches of reeds. I laugh at Oliver’s charades; a wobbly sham salute, as a sop of a ship’s captain. Suddenly, the engine stops. My ears ring in the silence. Gnats and mosquitos cloud around us. I see turtles; and now a few alligators making spirals around our boat. Who and how we can signal someone to send rescuers? Just one flare-gun shell left.

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