Leaving Ugly


three layers of pain…
the abuse
her denial of the cruelty
society’s expectation of forgiveness

three levels of invalidation
a child struggling
thru the experiences
trying to rise to adulthood

an adult suffering
deep-held self-loathing
destructive behavior
more to overcome

a lifetime to heal
raw old wounds
blood let a minimum
sutured just so

never feeling
quite whole
it’s hard leaving
the ugly inside

16 thoughts on “Leaving Ugly

  1. Awesome post, Susi!! Dealing with the scars and torments of the past can be tough to cope with or get past. Reminds me of Willie’s song – Forgiving you was easy, but forgetting seems to be the hardest thing to do!!

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      1. I think you are right about writing making it easier! I think time helps a bit too. I know I had very bad feelings about my Stepmother when I was a kid/teenager but looking back now I can see myself then a little clearer and have softened my view to the point where I know I probably deserved the responses I got!!

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