What’s Your Question?


What are some things that my posts evoke, my personality perhaps makes you formulate a question or anything that generally prompts you to ponder what my answer might be?
I’m seriously interested, and here’s your chance! 🙂

Please leave your question(s) as a comment.


21 thoughts on “What’s Your Question?

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Ruth! I don’t consider myself a great poet but rather someone who needs to express. That helps me become “greater in my own mind” than where I came from. It helps me not only survive but thrive in this world which can throw so much ugliness at us, sometimes without provocation. I’ve never been to college, not taken any courses, and the only mentor I’ve ever had are the experiences which lead me to create. Hope that answers your questions. 🙂

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      1. I finally got my AA about 6 years ago. One course was creative writing. I discovered poetry could be fun. Story writing not so much. Ha. The teacher was fantastic and very encouraging. I’ll keep working at it. Kind of blah these days but determined to stay active here. Thanks again.

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  1. Hi Susi ♥️ You words provoke a range of emotions for me and I enjoy your creativity.

    Are your posts inspired by life events, imagined reality or sheer creativity?

    How long have you been writing?

    Is there a favorite niche or style you prefer to write?


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    1. Hi Taylor! I’m glad the things I write can do that for you. I always hope that my words can touch people deeply. So thank you for that. 🙂

      The pieces I produce can come from challenges which inspire me, projects I’m determined to master as well as “deciding” to create something which will be out of my comfort zone. It really just depends what mood I’m in. Much of what I write is from previous experience, whether my own or being privy to someone else’s, but also fantasy and philosophizing.

      I can remember enjoying writing book reports and reading in school but never making the connection that I should be a writer. That started in 2010 when I was 48 yrs old. And it hasn’t stopped. Interestingly, I never in a million years, did I think I would be strongly drawn to poetry. That bit, kinda sorta happened as I evolved out of Susi’s Soap Box on to my PhiloSusi blog. First, I ranted and raved, then I calmed down to go deeper in. Then my initial book got published and I Write Her was born. And this is the place where I feel most comfortable writing.

      I have to say in the last year and a half, after learning many styles (but not all of them yet!), my favorite by far as those which are structured, short and succinct. Writing that packs a punch but does it fairly quickly. I’m drawn to haiku/senryu, etheree, tetracys, cinquain and a few others. But I also enjoy trying my hand at fiction with 100 word stories or less. 6 word story is really difficult, probably the most daunting for me. But I definitely enjoy them!

      Thanks for those questions, Taylor!

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      1. Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate your thorough explanations of all my questions. I am naturally curious, especially when I am so intrigued by your writing, so very much appreciate this! xoxo Taylor

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    1. Morning, John! I wouldn’t call it a remedy as it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t have anything to say and that’s why I can’t write. But what I normally do, does clear the cobwebs.

      1. I tell myself to stop beating myself up that nothing’s coming out.
      2. Get up from my desk and look out the window for a distraction from nature or go take a walk out IN nature.
      3. Work on something else that needs my attention – housework, bills, laundry, etc.
      4. Read a book or other people’s work.
      5. Nap, if it’s required for those days I have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.
      6. Go back through past work of mine that is relevant to whatever I’m currently working on to inspire the mood of the piece.
      7. Look at visual representations of the mood of the piece.
      8. Then go back to it again and see what flows next.

      Like I said, it doesn’t always work because sometimes I think the brain just needs a break. At those times, I think I would call it “self-preservation”. Good luck!

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      1. Thank you Susi. That’s both interesting and reassuring. There are times when I feel I have to keep with everyone else so not writing makes me feel like I’m falling behind. That probably sounds quite sad and conceited. I guess it’s one of my failings.

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      2. You’re welcome, John. I’m happy to share my perspective. I’m glad that it can help! I don’t think it sounds conceited but sad, yes, because we should always just do what makes sense for US! Everyone is different. So, definitely let go of the notion that you need to keep up with others. You write when and what you want. ❤

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