Published on Scarlet Leaf Review!

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This month is starting off well! So happy to announce that today Scarlet Leaf Review announced three previously unpublished pieces of mine in their August edition – Not a Stranger, Wounds and Barriers, and Weathered! So many thanks to Roxana Nastase – Editor-in-Chief – for selecting and accepting these pieces for publication. I’m so very honored to be featured in the August online edition!

Happy Dance! 🙂




28 thoughts on “Published on Scarlet Leaf Review!

  1. Congrats, Susi. I can relate because I experienced the same sense of satisfaction from having my work published in literary magazines back in the 1900s b.o. (before online). Times have changed, but not the need to share with an appreciative audience our ‘contributions to posterity’ (no matter how temporal “posterity” may be).

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    1. Thank you!!! I really appreciate it. 🙂 My joy really comes from producing what I think needs to come out. To then have not only readers who already appreciate what I put in the public forum but also be recognized by literally complete strangers, that has been amazing to me. I wanted to make sure with this blog I had a voice after decades of not feeling that way but to have something beyond that is what is exciting. 🙂

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