Another Revolution Around The Sun

This is me today.







This is me at my wedding.

Much has happened in the last 30 years, even more since the day of my birth, 57 years ago. Today, I will wear a smile, no matter what! I always enjoy my birthday!

So many women (and men too!) shy away from owning up to the years they’ve earned. It’s something I’ve never understood. Why not be happy and even proud to say what age you are? Sure we’re getting older, but it doesn’t mean we’re getting worthless as we do. In fact, I’d argue that I’m in the prime of my life as the years tick on. Do body parts age and let me down? Absolutely but that’s the exchange for gaining knowledge and making it to some semblance of wisdom in those later years. I’m very happy to breathe every day and especially on the day of my birth. Because that day was a special day. There is not another human being like me around. I’m unique and for that reason alone, I think people should celebrate their day.

To all my Birthday Twins out there today, and to those who have an upcoming one –


46 thoughts on “Another Revolution Around The Sun

  1. It’s pfetty much too late to say Happy Belated, so how about I just wish you a Happy Unbirthday. I hope life will do nothing to change the paerson you are, except to add more joy and wisdom with each day you live and each lesson you learn. Congratulations on being you.

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  2. happy birthday Susi and to all of my beautiful sisters !!! Our beauty just gets more fierce as we grow wiser, see Susi’s pic? have a great day and thank’s for sharing and making us smile πŸ™‚

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