15 thoughts on “Express Yourself

  1. Ahh, great post!! I like writing with pen (red ink) and paper but have moved over to the computer for 80% of my writing. Each has their attractions but I recently learned a very, very painful lesson from the computer – it crashes, restarts etc. and did so before I saved a completed poem!! I still feel like it was poetic manslaughter!!

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  2. For years, I wrote with pen and paper, not even using a typewriter until I had my poems (or occasional short story) in shape to send off to a would-be publisher. When computers came in, I still composed the old-fashioned way and only gradually graduated to keyboard, for the most part because poetry gave way to longer forms of expression (mostly humor and satire) which require frequent re-thinking/editing as I compose.

    In short, I adapted primarily for efficiency’s sake. If I were to take up poetry again, I’d probably revert to transferring words from thought to depiction via pen and paper. Whatever works!

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