at the end of a rope
that society designed

couldn’t match the requirements
which it demands

laying in wait for a handout
that won’t cover rehabilitation

suffering on the streets
in garb not fit for a king

we allow this despair
watch it unfold

do nothing to stop it
and look appalled at the sight

of a human laying
sacrificed for the rest

walking on by
ignoring his despair

shame on a society which allows this to exist

14 thoughts on “Despair

  1. Such an Awesome post!! I love it when you get up on a soapbox and let it Rip, My Dear!! Seems not many Christians and others appreciate the words in the Bible about the The Sheep And The Goats!! Or “When You Do It Unto One Of The Least Of These, My Brethren, You Have Done It Unto Me!!” Bellissimo, Susi, Bellissimo!!

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