For Helene by Sue Vincent…

Many of you on my blog knew Hélène, her work, and her kindness. Unfortunately, she recently passed away. She will be missed. RIP Hélène ❤


This is a beautiful memorial for Helene Vaillant by Sue Vincent.

For Hélène

Hélène Vaillant's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, glasses, close-up and outdoorA lifetime of love

Sadness of separation

Soulmates reunite


Not very long ago, poetess Hélène Vaillant of Willow Poetry said a final goodbye to her beloved husband. A few days ago, Hélène herself passed away peacefully.

My thoughts are with her family and all who loved her.

Her poetry was as beautiful as her smile and as full of love. Her own words say it best…


golden angel dust

elevating enchantment

peacefully setting


©Hélène Vaillant

With thanks to Frank Prem for keeping us informed of Hélène’s illness and passing.

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15 thoughts on “For Helene by Sue Vincent…

  1. Susi, Thank you so very much for sharing the news about our loss of Helene!!! It always pains my heart to learn of a beautiful soul’s passing!! Always a reminder to treasure our moments together!! Bless you, Dear Susi!!!

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      1. Yes, she was definitely – Beloved! And thanks again for posting about it – you are the instigator for my poem – For You, Our Beloved Poet!!! I’m indebted to you for it! I noticed that her site has been pulled down. Is there anyway to contact her family and request that they keep it up and active and maybe just close all the comments? Seems a shame to lose access to her blog??? I was able to point Paul Lenzi’s son to WP and how to do it. Same with Natalie. Her blog is still up and active.

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  2. I only knew this person through your blog in that I had read her entries to your weekly haiku challenge. Although it’s always a loss when someone leaves this world, Hélène will be remembered through her delightful poetry.

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