Disparate Beings


Our exteriors present a line of similarities.
A million influences offer up different presentations.

Variety is the spice of life. Or so they say.

Some are kind.
Or evil.
Or mean.
Or liars.

Some are immature.
Or honest.
Or hard-working.
Or decent.

Some talk openly.
Or hide.
Or cheat.
Or pretend.

Some are rude.
Or helpful.
Or giving.
Or caring.

Some are decent.
Or takers.
Or users.
Or slime.

More like butting heads with what we can’t align with.

Worth it? So many years are wasted trying.

Let’s teach our children to find the alikeness for connection, with some.

To choose the respite from the struggle of interdependence with the dissimilar.

Getting along without giving up anything that shaped us, with some.

Let’s help to create an environment of peace.

For with some, it happens.

Originally published on WP 1/28/18

25 thoughts on “Disparate Beings

  1. If people won’t even “Live and let live” (much less “Love thy neighbor),” that leaves only “My way or the highway” — and Trump and his supporters are taking us down that road to Uglyville, if not moral and ethical ruin.

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  2. Discernment, and discrimination are parts of clear thinking. Our kids are told not to use these tools because they are “bad.” All things are not equal; all people are not equal. Our government is based on equal treatment under the law; that does not translate that all people are equal in all ways. The points you make show how perspective and reality are not always aligned. It is not evil to think, see differences, see similarities, notice actions and words.

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    1. It is definitely not evil to think, sadly it’s what so many people don’t do. Thanks for your comments, Von. You’ve gotten to the heart of this piece. 🙂


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